Sunday, 18 December 2011

the true one...

long time no see,,blogger,,!huu..hmm actually,i dont know to update what,,there are many things in my i have mind up something..recently,i know that..there is someone who concern about me..we have lost contact for along time,,n he comeback just like that,,,at least he has showed that he still think about me,,even we didnt meet for a year,,i think so,,,miss???darm,,miss he so much,,,but i decided to keep it,,i want to look out if he will came back to find me again..still now,,i didnt meet someone that can replace his position in my heart,,,and i hope he will keep concern about me even as silenced...the true is i'm still wait for his,,but do not know for how long..,,i'm afraid if someday i will lost my heart for u to some other guy..then please dont make me wait for u for a long period,,,i will let u go but for a while to find ur future and do your responsiblity for family..
after the all things have been settled,,then please comecack to find me...cuase i'm still here to wait for you <3

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